“It is not so much that students are not focused, but rather what they are focusing on and how long they are able to maintain focus. The secret lies, then, in showing people how to shift and strengthen their focus, in such a way that they can directly and immediately experience the benefits of doing so.”

David Hesketh, MSc, (Neuroscience/Education)

7-Days to Better Focus & Exam Results for Students

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Students are increasingly stressed by & distracted from their studies. This means that they are not developing the key mental function of focus that is a requirement for success. No focus, no success. Poor focus, poor success. Good focus, good success. Excellent focus, excellent success. It’s that simple.

Focus is a trainable skill. BrainFocusOnline Focus Program teaches practical techniques that when implemented, deliver improved levels of focus, success and results with immediate effect. This has been proven in almost 10 years of research, development and delivery of The BrainFocus Seminar at schools such as St John’s and St Stithians Colleges, as well as at several Universities – Wits, Walter Sisulu, Zululand, etc.

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The Online Design:

  • 7 Video lessons are experiential & about 5-7 minutes each.
  • Practices are experienced and take about 1 minute or less to do.
  • Each lesson ends with a ‘Practice’ to test for the next day.
  • Daily SMS practice reminders are delivered during the 7-day Learning Phase and for 30 days for the Consolidation Phase.
  • At the end of the Learning Phase, students build a ‘Daily Focus Practice’ using a combination of the 14 different techniques tested.
  • 5 Supplementary Lessons are delivered during the Consolidation Phase.


  • Time Savings: Improves thinking efficiencies and activity management.
  • Better Grades: Greater focus enhances integration & recall of information.
  • Greater Self-Confidence: The ‘How To’ of Self-Control through Thinking.

Intro & Prep Phase:

  • Introduction to The MinutePlan: Do A Little Bit Often.
  • Take the BrainFocus Stress & Well-Being Survey (Optional – 15 minutes).

Learning Phase (1-video per day with daily Sms reminders):

      ‘7-Days’ Video Lessons (5-7 minutes each)

  1. Observing the Brain’s Activity.
  2. The Picture-Making Brain.
  3. Strengthening Focus with The Pin Exercise.
  4. You’re An Einstein, You Just Don’t Know it Yet!
  5. Success Thinking Drives The Goal Car(d) (8 minutes).
  6. Calm and Cool in The Face of Demands and Stress.
  7. Controlling the Time Monster!

Consolidation Phase (1 video every 3 days with Daily Sms Reminders):

  1. Building Your Daily Focus Practice Together.
  2. Staying Energized During Your Prep.
  3. Feeding Your Brain with Good Food and Information.
  4. Digital (Screen) Stress & The Fight or Flight Response.
  5. The Magic of the 3-Night’s Sleep & Memory
  6. Managing Worry, Doubt and Fear.

 Our Offer to Education Institutions:

  • 1 Free Voucher per school for review of sprogram online (Valid for 7 days)
  • R147/student price will be discounted by 33% (R97/ learner), if ordered before 15 October 2017.