What is an ambassador? An ambassador is a high ranking representative who is granted special status to act on behalf of a an organization and conducts him or herself in accordance with its ethos. Originating from the Old High German for “service”.

The BrainFocus Ambassador Program is an opportunity for graduates of our various programs to deepen their knowledge and practice of focus while providing themselves with an income for the rest of 2019. This is accomplished based on referrals to the “12-Days to Better Focus and Exam Results” Online Program.

Only 200 places are available across South Africa!

We are considering opening it up further, so be one of the first to benefit the most!

This program was built for Grades 10 through Higher Education which means that there are the total potential participants = 4 million, so there is lots of room to win for everyone!

When you qualify as a BrainFocus Ambassador, your name will be added to the drop-down referral list in our payment gateway which is a required field, and you will receive a pay-out based on the pre-VAT price.


  • Individual Referral = 10% (Launch Price = R982); Imagine referring 20 friends or fellow students @R982.00 each. Your pay-out would be R1 964.00.
  • Group Referrals = 10% of Group Price (See Groups Discount Schedule here) = Group of 100 @R727 each = R7 270.00
  • Pay-outs are also given for sourcing disadvantaged schools who want the program and donors who wish to sponsor groups of students (See Terms and Conditions).

Here are the basics of how to become a BF Ambassador, but you will need to read and sign the full BrainFocus Ambassador Terms and Conditions document found but clicking on the bar below.

  1. Participation on one of the Pilot Programs (click here);
  2. You must be 18 years old;
  3. Possess a valid SAID document;
  4. Have a RSA bank account;
  5. Complete the Application Form (click here);
  6. Provide 3 credible references that can be verified;
  7. Sign a The BrainFocus Ambassador Code of Conduct.

Students wanting to promote the ’12-Days’ Program on any campus must comply with all requirements of the institution and inform themselves of what these requirements are by discussing them with the Student Services Department or it’s equivalent. Breach of of their conditions will result in forfeiture of any commissions payable/paid and possible legal action to recover monies paid and the restoration of the BrainFocus reputation.


Learn More About Becoming a BrainFocus Ambassador

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Please Note: South Africa is going through a challenging time due to the Corona Virus pandemic. Stay informed by visiting: www.sacoronavirus.co.za