Greater Focus = Better Performance = Better Results




Training Minds to Focus For Success

The Package

  • 7 Sessions @ 1h30 each
  • 60 FocusPower techniques;
  • Reference Guide and Manual (200 pp) with file;
  • Daily SMS reminders
  • Official Certificate;
  • BrainFocus Stress & Well-Being Questionnaire with Track and Compare Tool.
  • Optional Bonus Consolidation Sessions.

Topics covered

  1. Focus: The Brain’s Vehicle of Thinking;
  2. Success, Goals and the Impact of Stressed Thinking;
  3. How to Optimize Focus in a Minute or less;
  4. Stress: The Thief of Focus and, Therefore, Success
  5. The Role of Exercise, Nutrition and The Digital on Focused Thinking;
  6. Claiming Back from ‘The Time Monster’: Psychological & Clock Time;
  7. Optimizing Sleep for Mental Focus & Clear Thinking’;
  8. Ritualizing Your Day for Success: The Daily Focus Practice.

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