Free Community Presentations

“From Stress to Success in a minute or Less”



Hi. It’s David.

I love talking to people about what I’ve learned and about what has become my passion, that is, Solving Stress as it is related to the brain.

Talks on the brain can be intimidating for some people, but those that come to my presentations relax and get some really valuable insights and practical things that they can use right away because of my interactive approach.

That is, we do things together.

You see, being a teacher myself, I know the importance of finding entry points to make typically hard-to-understand subject matter fun and accessible.

Ask my Mum. I would come home from University, filled with wonder about what I learned about the brain, sit down at the table and tell her all about it. She would always say that I made it so easy to understand – and she always claimed I was a ‘born teacher’.

Because the subject of stress is so relevant today and that solving it needs to become a core learning strategy in order to free up the clear thinking brain, I want to get the word out and to get as many people working with me on the ‘Stress-Less’ Train.

So, once per week, I am offering to present at any education institution that would like me to speak to their community about “From Stress to Success” with numbers in the participating audience of a least 80.

It is appropriate for students from Grade 8 upwards, Teachers, Parents, Friends, Family and other Community Members.

It is FREE, in the sense that I ask only for a donation to help me to cover my costs.

This can be done as an institution or as a collection at the event itself.

If you would like to book an event, give us a call at the office or drop us a mail.

But hurry! Availability is limited by the number of weeks we are in session.

I’ll look forward to meeting you and your community.