Get Help when you need it…


(Professional or Personal)

(In Person or Remotely via Skype/WhatsApp)

We all need help once in a while to navigate through life’s challenges. David’s compassion, unique approach and wealth of experience has been a comfort and at the same time, a springboard, for hundreds who have entrusted him.


From his foundation in Neuroscience and Education of 35 years, David teaches hands-on skills to guide his clients in the 20161007_112030direction of self-help and building the inner confidence to do so. His approach allows a person to discover, through experiment and by experience, methods of life management that works at the individual level that support healthy function in a social context. David’s gift is being able to sense what is needed swiftly and implement a step-by step plan tailored to the individual’s needs to unfold their latent capacities and wisdom. As such, engagement is usually short-term but support continues as needed while the individual incorporates new practices and consolidates on their way forward.

David has experience with:

Student Stress, Motivation, School/Exam Success

Stress & Focus Management

Relationship Management

Overuse of Technology

Direction, Goals and Success

Professional Aspirations and Challenges

Spiritual and Self-Development



Approaches and Methodologies used:

Stress Management Techniques

Voice Dialogue Methods



Self-Awareness Practices

Thinking Structural Form

Technology Management Strategies


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