saint-jean-baptist-1152204_640BRAINFOCUS PHILOSOPHY

Our philosophy is grounded in the understanding that human beings are individuals, I will call this The Self, but also One in the sense that we share many, many things in common and are One as a species. We all have a common biology with a heart, brain, lungs, skin and muscles, etc. We have a range of emotions that we share and express like anger and fear, joy and compassion, as examples. We need food, air and water as much as companionship. We have the capacity to think and act on ideas. We can think creatively as well as analyzing and solving problems (and creating them!). 

But we all have this experience of our selves as a Self: Separate and distinct from the other. And while we band together in groups as individuals that share common beliefs, values and ideas, we ultimately are but a Self, walking this planet, trying to figure out what this Life means and how to make sense of it.

There are several facts that stand as the foundation of our Philosophy.

Each of us is a system of energy originating from and interacting within energy (Source).

This energy has been given many names over the years and is linked to the world’s religious belief systems. I prefer to call it Consciousness, for as I awaken to my own consciousness, I experience a link and connection to this invisible energy source, that sustains me and everything with which I interact and connect. While as scientists we are attempting to define it, each of us experiences Consciousness as a Self within our own experience of our individuality. Thus, it is unique, each of us is unique.

The quest for freedom is a fundamental driver of our thoughts and actions. 

Freedom can be thought of in many different ways, but it all points to the same experience. Emancipation, liberation, enlightenment are terms we use to describe freedom. Freedom from what? Freedom to vote, freedom of speech, freedom of movement, freedom from enslavement? Think about it in reference to your own circumstances and I would venture to say that we seek freedom from suffering, from the pain we experience as human. So, we look outside ourselves to find it. We find a partner who offers the feeling of love and ecstasy, we go after money and material goods to satisfy this inner need, we watch TV or engage in internet activities of all manner to satisfy this need because we don’t know where to find it. And ultimately, using these vectors, we don’t find it. True freedom can only be found from within The Self. We are all seeking it, it is a points to the same place and you can only experience true freedom: it is not a phenomenon you can think your way to.

The development of the brain, thinking and consciousness are parallel and interlinked.



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