Pilot 1 Launch: Special Offer

2 for 1

Our thanks to you for helping us ‘Ice The Cake’!


We will appreciate your participation in our Pilot project for ’12-Days to Better Focus and Exam Results’ and look forward to your critique, so that we can make everything nice and smooth for our next batch of Focusers! When we are ready for Full Release (June 3, 2019), we will let you know and you’ll get a second ‘kick at the can’ and have the advantage of the full program with all the features working just the way they should. Alternately, you might want to give your freebie away to a friend or someone less fortunate.

All this for almost 40% off (R827) the Retail List Price of R1472. Which means, you are getting your 1st and 2nd programs at 30% of the retail price! This one-time offer is restricted to 100 students for PILOT #1 AND #2 according to the schedule below. Each date will see features added from the previous one; some you will notice and others you won’t and some will be activated along the way.

All we’d like in return is for you to give us feedback…

** Badges and Rewards Feature – We are working hard to ensure that it is up and running in time for the Pilot Courses… cuz it’s part of the fun!

Please Note: South Africa is going through a challenging time due to the Corona Virus pandemic. Stay informed by visiting: www.sacoronavirus.co.za