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David’s gift of communicating his message lies in his ability to make the complex easy to understand. He delivering-st-peters-2-221x185is inspirational due to his passion and leaves a lasting impact because he always introduces the practical into his presentations. In this way, he uniquely engages his audiences ‘By Experiment and Through Experience’ demanding participation and interaction. A scientist by training, he challenges participants by asking questions while cutting through the noise to get at the essence, often leaving people with insights into themselves, their humanity and possibility for themselves and all of us, as members of the global village!

All topics are adapted to meet the needs of the audience whether Primary or High School, Higher Education or Adults, Professional and Academics.

N.B. Not-For-Profit Organizations are not charged fees but rather asked for a donation to cover time and travel.

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1. You're An Einstein: You just don't know it yet!

There's a genius slumbering in every person! The greatest problem is that intelligence is believed to be largely academic and other types are, well, outliers - exceptions, not the rule. David argues for the opposite in this fun and interactive, yet informative presentation that provides an overview of a range intelligences (some systems include up to 24) such as social, musical, linguistic, nature, spiritual, among others. The outcome is audience members awaken to their own sense of what is possible for them as an individual, while appreciating what is possible for other individuals in their own immediate and larger circles - Community & Celebrating Our Differences and Individuality.

2. Are You Using Your Smartphone or Is Your Smartphone using you?

Smartphone technology is here to stay. But it's overuse and virtual companionship is driving us to distraction. Quite literally! Internet companies and their programs are feeding us morsels of instant gratification that trigger 'The Reward Circuit' and it's complementary flood of the brain chemical dopamine, from which arises the sensation of 'feel good'. This is exactly the same pathway that is triggered by drug usage and other addiction vectors. The consequences could not then, be more obvious.

What is the worst of it all is that these same companies have consciously used the knowledge of brain processes t0 hook users into their apps, programs and platforms. To what end? To keep you using their stuff because in the world of internet sales, time is money in the bank. And if you are on your phone, you are largely not focused on things that really matter: The state of things in our world,  your future, and our future. David brings lightness into a tough circumstance in which we find ourselves with real time experiments and suggestions for taking control over the phone rather that it continuing to control us.

3. The Great South Africa Divide and HOW TO HEAL IT

From the Rainbow Days of  Nelson Mandela's inauguration, the 1995 Rugby World Cup, Banfana Bafana's '96 AFCON Championship and the 2010 World Cup, South Africa has seen a chasm open up that has divided black & white, generated xenophobia, furthered the gap between haves and have nots, criminality vs law-abiding, among a host of other examples. The intolerance we experience is a direct result of education systems restricting, or not recognizing nor developing curricula that put the 7-stage holistic brain development at it's center. Tolerance is a function of thinking and a Stage 6 brain function of the Frontal Cortex.

The good news is that continued brain development can occur, if a correct understanding of that development is understood and a culture of learning is fostered. This means that we can grow and awaken thinking capacities that are latent in each human being. And this can be easily done within the context of any training or learning program.

The implications for this should be clear. When one is awakened to their own thinking capacities, they become empowered and are able to contribute to communities, organizations and society with greater initiative, creativity and ability to solve problems. 

Because we are all in this together, it is incumbent upon those who have the means to support the growth and development of the brain from where children and adults are are at this moment.

It is in our own-self interest, the interest of the future children of South Africa and indeed the globe. A balance of responsive thinking instead of reactive thinking is reflected in a balance for People, for Profit and for Planet.

4. Why Humans Want to Get High - Insights into why we use drugs and how to Positively Change that.

Why do humans want to get 'high'? The question is rather why do people want to change their consciousness, their experience of life? Fundamentally, it is because we experience life as painful and when this experience is intense and regular, we seek to escape from it.

The more mundane ways of dealing with such stress is by watching TV, exercising or doing some other activity that we enjoy. But the tendency toward drug and alcohol use and other internet-type addictions is the attempt to find happiness using external stimuli. This, of course, is temporary, the pain returns with greater ferocity, with consequences having a devastating impact on overall individual, familial and community health. And in large measure, this is discussed and dealt with at a legal level.

In a radical departure from conventional thinking, David proposes that we seek to get 'high' as a way of connecting with "That From Which We Come". Observe a very young child, who for the most part lives and plays in the moment, in a state of joy and wonder for the world, seemingly at one with it. As the child grows and observes, integrating learning and behaviour by imitation, he/she gradually departs from this state of consciousness and enters into a world of dualities; joy and sadness, love and hate, right and wrong, etc. as they awaken to their own individuality. The joyous experience of early childhood becomes buried in the sub-conscious and becomes the well-spring, the drive, from which we seek to re-experience this state. We call it happiness.

If we begin to understand that we come from 'Source' and that we ultimately are driven to reconnect with that, we can start to use harm-free techniques that grow, develop and awaken the experience of true freedom, peace and contentment, a balance, from the inside-out. It is here that we find our True Home.

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