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I wanted to give you feedback because my son (Grade 11) is so busy at school with his homework, studying and sports. He wants to go to medical school. At first … I was worried about the time it would take from his studies. But after our experience following last week’s very 1st session, I know otherwise. Here it is: My son got into the car with his friend after the course was finished. They were raving about the course and how it had helped them to de-stress. I asked them how it went based on my concerns and they said it was worth every second and every cent. What was incredible was that earlier in the day, he misplaced his file from which he had to study for a test and he was very worried. When we got home, he was calm, found a solution to his problem, digging out his sister’s old notes and got down to his preparations. The next day he found his file. I have noticed such a difference in just these few days, I had to tell you and say thank you.

Anonymous (Schools) Oct 25, 2012